Getting to know Jesus


Question:           Who is Jesus?

Answer:              Jesus is God’s Son.

Because sin came into the world when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, God asked Jesus to come to make things right again. Jesus was born (just about 2,000 years ago), And he lived in a part of the world called the Holy Land. When he was about thirty years old, he began to preach and to heal. Three or four years later he was nailed to a cross to die. When the people who loved him went to his grave three days later, Jesus’ body wasn’t there. He had come back to life, just as he said he would.


Question:           Where is Jesus now?

Answer:              Jesus is in heaven with his Father.

But he has not left us alone here on earth. He sent the Holy Spirit to live with us-to make us strong when we feel like giving up, to help us to care about other people when we sometimes don’t feel like it, to tell us that Jesus will always love us.


Question:           Why did Jesus have to die?

Answer:              It was all part of God’s great plan to make right what had become so wrong because of sin.

You see, we all deserve to be punished. God loves us so much he sent Jesus to take our punishment. Because of Jesus we can know for sure that God welcomes us into his loving arms—right now and when we die and go to be with him.


Question:           Does Jesus love me?

Answer:              Jesus loves you more than you can imagine.

He loves you when you cry and when you laugh; when you argue with someone or when you’ve had a bad day. He loves you so much that he died for you—but he isn’t still dead. He is alive, and he is loving and watching over you every day.


Question:           Will Jesus ever stop loving me?

Answer:              No!

There will be times when you wonder if Jesus is really real. There will be times when you wonder if he loves you. There will be times when you do things that you shouldn’t—when you act mean to someone or lie. But when you pray and tell Jesus that you have times when you doubt; when you pray and tell Jesus that you know you’ve done wrong and you want to do better—you can be sure that he will never let you down. He will love you your whole life long, and you will live with him forever.

Question:           How do I know I’m a Christian?

Answer:              There are many signs.

When you love Jesus with all the love you can give, when you know deep down that Jesus loves you, when you believe he died to forgive your sins, when you want to live for Jesus—those are good signs that help you know you are a Christian. Sure, you’re going to fail sometimes. But, you see, God’s love for you is so great that it covers those times when you fail. He sees deep into your heart. He knows your desire to live for him, and he loves you.